Sunday, March 16, 2008

Anime: Bari Bari Densetsu .

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"If you're a fan of anime/manga and sportbikes, or an Initial D fan, you might enjoy Bari bari Densetsu (Baribari Legend, or "legend of rolling wheels"). It's from 1986 (through 1995 or so) and written and drawn by Shuichi Shigeno creator of the hugely popular Initial D comic and anime drifting series but only with old school sport bikes, +40% more recklessness, and apparently (from what I've read so far), lots of Japanese High School delinquent -type fighting (which is a genre of all it's own).
The main character, Gun rides a customized Honda CB750F cafe racer (well, no fairings but he's got clip-ons and rearsets), and eventually evolves into a pro road racer. The manga is almost impossible to find in the U.S. There are no translations that I know of (besides Chinese subtitles for the anime version we see here).

The series is credited with causing a lot of people to become motorcycle street racers and bousouzoku, apparently. There are 38 volumes of manga and two OVAs. (straight to video releases)"


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