Monday, March 24, 2008

Comics: The forever People's Super-Cycle.

"The Forever People are a fictional group of extraterrestial superheroes published by DC Comics. They first appeared in Forever People #1 (February 1971), and were created by Jack Kirby.

The heroes are a group of young New Gods from New Genesis who were originally on a journey to oppose Darkseid on Earth. In addition to the individual abilities and equipment of the members, the group can join to summon the powerful hero known as the Infinity-Man by using a Mother Box to handle particularly dangerous threats. The concept is essentially a reworking of the "kid gang" concept that Kirby and Joe Simon used during the 40's and 50's, with four to five adolescents dealing with their place - or lack thereof - in society, and their interactions with an adult mentor who was an extreme heroic - or super-heroic - character.

They first appeared in their own title, The Forever People, in 1971, which lasted eleven issues and ended on a cliffhanger. In the last issue, they summoned Infinity-Man, swapping places with him on a distant planet named Adon. Infinity-Man was apparently destroyed in combat with Devilance the Pursuer, leaving the Forever People stranded on Adon.

In 1988, a six issue Forever People limited series was published, showing what had happened to the Forever People on Adon. During this series, all the things that happened to them on the planet were reversed, and they were restored to our part of the universe. This series revealed that the Forever People were Earth born humans, abducted from different timelines, and gathered to protect the human race. They were told that a being named Maya had created the Super-Cycle.
The Super-Cycle is a piece of quasi-living New Genesis technology; it resembles a small three-wheeled car, rather than a motorcycle, and can carry several passengers. Despite having an open top, it can travel at supersonic speeds (on the ground or by flying) without harm to its passengers using electrons; it can also turn itself and its passengers intangible."

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