Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Datamancer streetbike project.

Sculptor and tinkerer Richard R. Nagy (or "Datamancer") is well known for his brilliant Steampunk laptop conversions. He also has been busy with this very creative three wheeled motorcycle concept. According to Nagy's impressive website he is currently on a move to the warmer climate of California-lets hope when he gets settled in at his new home he'll have the time to finish it. We wait with a baited breath.

Here's what Nagy has to say about it:
"This is a design concept for a bike I would like to build in the next year or two. It's a weird hybrid bike that i've been describing as "a cross between Kaneda's bike from Akira and Aeon Flux's car, but with the feel of an old school chopper". The physics have been pretty well thought out, and the design of the bike compensates for a lot of the idiosyncrasies inherent in 3-wheel vehicles.

I will be making a low power prototype out of moped and mountain bike parts. This bike will have some weird physics that will need to be perfected before starting production on a real version. Better to have something vital snap at 30 mph than 70. The moped version will feature variable seat height to alter the center of gravity, variable fork rake, variable rear suspension mounts to alter ride height, and variable front sub-fork assembly."

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