Saturday, November 29, 2008

Guy Peellaert and Pravda The Overdriver.

Via: world of kane

"Belgian advertising illustrator Guy Peellaert was one of the first cartoonists to embrace Pop Art and incorporate Andy Warhol's appropriation of mass market iconography into his work. His first comic, Les aventures de Jodelle, (Jodelle's likeness based after yé-yé chanteuse Sylvie Vartan) appeared in 1966, swiftly followed by 'Pravda la Survireuse'/ Pravda The overdriver (a leather-clad, panther-bike-riding amazon whose adventures take place in a Mad Max-like, futuristic city, inhabited by degenerate people. Her visage modelled after Françoise Hardy) for the magazine 'Hara-Kiri' in 1967.

Inspiration? The Jaguar bike and Pravda's cat-bike

After contributing a number of photo collage-based style strips to 'Hara-Kiri', Peellaert adopted a photo-realistic airbrush style and made a successful return to advertising and illustration; most notably on David Bowie's 'Diamond Dogs' LP cover and 'Rock Dreams', his collaboration with rock journalist Nick Cohn.

Peellaert sadly passed away this year at 74 on Nov 21st 2008

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Portrait of the artist: Guy Peelaert (and friend) lambiek

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