Monday, March 31, 2008

Vintage 1980: the GM Lean Machine,

Via magicalpowermako-cosmos:

"The GM Lean Machine was developed by Frank Winchell of General Motors (USA) in the early 1980's as a concept car. The single seater vehicle is a "lean" machine in the true sense of the word as it leans into corners like a motorcycle whilst keeping the stability of a normal car. The original model was powered by a 15 hp 2-cylinder engine that produced a maximum speed of 80 mph with a fuel economy of 80 mpg at 40 mph. Shortly afterwards a second model was produced that was powered by a larger 38 hp engine. With a total body weight of 159kg this gave the vehicle outstanding performance and the Lean Machine was able to reach 60 mph in just 6.8 seconds with a fuel economy of over 200 mpg."

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Anonymous said...

Ahead of its time!

Unknown said...

I remember seeing this way back when at EPCOT. So, what happened? Was it too 'conceptual' for the times to catch on, or did interest in efficient cars wane as the 70's oil embargo faded in memory? Either way, I wanted one then, and I want one now. Let's hope this time the VentureOne or something similar becomes available.

charlevoixboy said...

Well, now it is time! I remember seeing the Lean Machine at EPCOT as a kid and having to be dragged away from the display - so inspiring. It would be perfect for my daily commute.

Anonymous said...

Frank Winchell was my Grandfather. I am continuing his work.