Sunday, December 21, 2008

Anime: Rideback.

Via: AccipiterF1 Anime

"On dance student Rin Ogata’s first day at Musashino University for the Arts she gets lost on campus and when she stops to ask for directions, she finds herself unwillingly recruited into the Rideback Club. A club dedicated to constructing, maintaining, and driving Ridebacks; programmable two wheeled Mecha. To her surprise, Rin enjoys the feeling of controlling her machine and quickly excels at using by applying her dance training to it’s movements.

Ridebacks have no designated purpose and are used by enthusiasts for various reasons ranging from preasure riding, racing and labor. The one thing that the Ridback club’s shady President absolutely bans however is members of the club participating in political events. A rule that is hard to enforce at a school which is a hotbed of Student Protests against their oppressive society. When Rin’s friend unwittingly gets sucked in this political turmoil will she be able to keep herself from being used as a pawn in others agendas?"

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