Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Art of Maxwell Paternoster.

This is a collaboration between 4 artists. The bike was purchased, dissasembled and modified a bit, then all the parts were painted white like a blank canvas. Each artist then took a piece and painted it with whatever they wanted, adhearing to a pre-discussed color scheme. As well as the paint on the metal parts the seat was covered by upholsterer Duncan Gardiner, then colored by Shema Ladva. The engine was hand engraved by Paternoster and then polished.

"Maxwell Paternoster completed a National Diploma in Art & Design, then earned a BA Honors in Illustration and Animation at University of Westminster.

Maxwell was commisioned to do character design and cartoons for various magazines and publications while attending university and has worked in fashion, creating designs for urban t-shirt & clothing companies. His editorial illustrations have appeared internationally in magazines that focus on street art, fashion, art, and science.

Maxwell’s work has been included in educational & scholastic books covering subjects about digital imaging and footwear art. He has also worked on branding and store interior design concepts for a design company. Self initiated personal projects, such as hand drawn t-shirts, help keep his work stylish contemporary and modern.

Apart from the traditional 2d book and editorial work Maxwell’s art has adorned 3d objects such as skateboards, street art, BMX bikes and customised trainers (aka running Shoes) Maxwell's influences and inspiration come from technology, graffiti, urban art, underground artists, album cover art,and Kustom Kulture: the unique automobile subculture of art,fashion,vehicles and hairstyles originating in 1950's and made famous by Ed 'Big Daddy'Roth, Kenny Howard aka Von Dutch, & hotrod, lowrider customizers likeThe Barris Brothers.

Maxwell collaborates with artist’s internationally on group projects and contributes to zines, as well as creating and illustrating his own art books"

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