Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back to the drawing board: Craig Vetter's Cardboard muffler.

Via: Craig Vetter

"In the 1960s, I raced my Bridgestone 90 on the streets of Champaign, Illinois. Things were different then. An open tuned pipe can be very loud so I (Craig Vetter) invented this early CAD (Cardboard aided design) muffler. Three cardboard boxes were inside. the exhaust blew into the inner which had a small hole to leak out of into the next box ans so on. Eack layer was plated with dozen egg crate dividers. The fimal cardboard chimney exhausted straight up.

It was very quiet and, no, it never caught on fire."

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YZ400BEN said...

Just have to say that I love your blog-came to it thru a feed on Sideburn and have checked it out ever since-keep it up. Wish a few more would comment tho! Always seems that anything interesting is here first!