Sunday, February 15, 2009

Via: Steve Bruhn

"This Yamaha 185 got 200mpg easy. At 55 mph it only needed to idle. I (Steve Bruhn) couldn't chop the bike up though, because it was new and had to go back to Fresno Yamaha, who donated the bike for the competition. Craig Vetter used to hold a mileage rally at Laguna Seca as a sideshow to the MotoGP.

I entered the Fresno Yamaha bike in 1985. You had to keep the bike street legal and ride for one hour on a very difficult highway at over 55mph for an hour to make the finals. This picture below is me qualifying on Highway 1. The plastic was peeling off, and the crosswinds were pretty bad. My best official mpg was like 140 or something, but I was getting 200 in Fresno on test runs. This was the scariest motorcycle ride I ever did"

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