Saturday, February 28, 2009

The motorcycle in Television: The Italian Machine.

Via: DVD Outsider

"The Italian Machine is part of the CBC series Teleplay, runs for 24 minutes and Shot on location on 16mm film, this was written and directed by David Cronenberg.

Lionel, Fred and Bug are three bikers, motorcycle obsessives who hang around a workshop and listen to recordings of the Isle of Man TT races for relaxation. One day Bug storms in with astonishing news – a glorious Ducati 900 Desmo Super-Sport, one of only forty ever constructed, has been bought not by a biker, but by an art collector who has no intention of riding it and instead plans to stand it in his living room as an exhibit. Insane with rage at this sacrilege, Lionel is determined to rescue The Italian Machine from this appalling fate.

The Italian Machine's a story told very much from a biker's perspective – the outrage that some middle-class art collector could take a great motorbike and turn it into an object d'art comes very much from the heart. This sense of outrage finds its on-screen expression in Lionel, who explodes into fury at the thought, stamping a table to pieces and having to be wrestled into a chair by his companions and calmed by the soothing sound of TT racing commentary."

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