Friday, February 1, 2008

What price art? more of Beutler-Lack design.

Sometimes art can hurt..but its a good hurt.

Translated from motociclismo by faster and faster:
"What do you do with an R1150GS that nobody wants? If you are Klaus Beutler (of Beutler-lack) – a man devoted to building high-performance streetfighters – you don’t hock it off to buy an R1200GS Adventure. Instead, you take the 1150GS and convert it into something that nobody else in your neighbourhood has – the rather outlandish Beutler Boxer.

The Beutler bike has been designed to look like it’s one single piece of… something. With resin and fiberglass, Klaus Beutler worked for months to fabricate the bodywork and all the paintwork was also done by hand.

According to a report on Motociclismo, it’s not an easy bike to ride – the seat is quite high and climbing on can be quite difficult for those who aren’t as tall as Mr Beutler himself. Then, the turning radius is very large, the clutch is stiff and the ergonomics are less than stellar. Worse still, the bike feels nervous and isn’t very stable at high speeds. And all this despite Beutler claiming he hasn’t done anything to the original chassis…"
Snippy comments aside... Beutler's design is incredible.

Photo via (and another feature of this stunning special) webbikeworld


Jonathan said...

This bike reminds me of trophy wives—pretty, difficult, and in the end not as promised.

Anonymous said...

Oh look, he took an unwieldy tank and made it even worse. Why oh why did he make it so bulbous when there's nothing above the engine to take up so much space? It'd be like driving an excercise ball.

Anonymous said...

It looks more like the 1100 boxer engine. That's definitely an 1100 paralever tunnel and not the 1150

othoap said...

Just brilliant! thanks for your daring work.