Saturday, November 24, 2007

High Concept: The Black Drogo.

Via: Webbikeworld

"The Black Dogo is like the Argentine Mastif, sinuous and powerful, light and tenacious. The front end of the bike is snub and aggressive, the back lean with a short, curved mudguard. The mufflers and seat are short and compact. The tank is covered by elephant leather and has elasticized bands to carry various objects and travel gear. The rear view mirrors have been substituted with video cameras and the instrument panel with a monitor: solutions up to now unavailable on a production motorcycle.

Capasa’s Ducati C’N’C Monster is black and metal. The fairing is matte black rubber and velvety to the touch. The black frame is bright and shiny. The headlights dark and opaque. The engine is particularly luminous. The tank’s elephant skin is black.

“It is a great pleasure and true honor that a designer at the level of Ennio Capasa is inspired by our Monster S4RS,” commented Federico Minoli, President and CEO of Ducati. “It is testament to the passion and creativity that Ducati continues to enjoy in the worlds of fashion and design.”

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