Friday, November 23, 2007

The DIE-sel Moto and the The World's Fastest Art Organization.

"Environmental Responsibility & Performance Come Together in One Custom Motorcycle

Introducing Die Moto, a custom-built performance diesel motorcycle capable of running on diesel, biodiesel, or straight vegetable oil (SVO) fuels. Designed and fabricated at The Crucible by a team of environmentally conscious vehicle enthusiasts, engineers and artisans, the Die Moto is out to prove the viability of alternative fuel technology in performance vehicles. As fuel efficiency and low emissions become increasingly important, diesel technology has responded with improved mileage and easy adaptation to biodiesel and SVO."
The team constructed Die Moto from a BMW motorcycle, replacing the motor with a high performance BMW 320 D 4-Cyl intercooled turbo automotive diesel engine only available in Europe.

Team leader Michael Sturtz, the Founder and Executive Director of The Crucible, has garnered considerable notoriety throughout the country for his wildly original synthesis of art and functionality in everything from vehicles to fire operas. The resulting motorcycle will be a motorized work of art—an automotive engine on a motorcycle chassis encased in a hand-crafted 3/4 aluminum fairing reminiscent of the GP racers, paying homage to the early pioneers of motorcycle daring.

Stay tuned as The Crucible team heads to the world famous Bonneville Salt Flats in 2007 to shatter the existing diesel motorcycle world record and establish new land speed classes for both bio-diesel and straight veggie oil.

The Crucible's Die Moto motorcycle at El Mirage

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