Friday, November 23, 2007

Comics: Ted Nomura's 750 Angels- The Superbike Wars.

Created by Ted Nomura and published by Antacrtic Press and based on his "Families of Altered Wars" comic (witch seems to have a great deal of German moon rockets and Nazi flying saucers in it) series. The story has a large and loyal following so it seems only natural that Nomura decided to add his love of motorcycles in the comic, but with little fanfair-the spinoff series appears to have only lasted 5 issues. It seems motorcycle riders and comic book readers rarely cross-pollinate-a pity really.
When we contacted Nomura about his obvious love of motorcycles he said " I'm little insane because I have over 42 motorcycles, mostly between 1969-1972 stock Japanese models and no real cafe racers. Only one comes close, my 1978 Honda CM185 converted as a mini-cafe and my 1976 Kawasaki KZ900 was once converted as a cafe racer but since then it was converted back to stock. I'm currently converting one of my Honda SL-350's into the custom cafe-racer replica that I rode while I was in high school, story of that was included in Angels 750 #1 issue."

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