Friday, November 23, 2007

High Concept: Revolution Motorcycles RV100.

"Conceived in the mind, refined in 3D CAD software, and produced by the most advanced production equipment available, the RV100 has leapt off of the computer monitor into the real world.
Starting out life as a simple design concept, the RV100 has taken on a life of its own. The design seems to have stuck a chord in the popular culture of America. In a landscape flooded by custom motorcycles, vying to distinguish themselves from each other, the RV100 is unmistakable.

The concept behind the bike is to eliminate the paradigm of the welded tubular frame. Welded tube frame are labor intensive, require expensive jigs and fixturing, and the quality of the weld is very much dependant on the quality of the welder. In contrast, the RV100 frame components are cut on a numerically controlled machine (CNC). This makes the production of parts very repeatable, and makes the production of unique parts routine."

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