Friday, November 23, 2007

I have seen the future : The Acabion GTO.

"Topspeed 342 mph or 550 km/h at 55% throttle, 120 mph to 180 mph in 6 seconds. Must one say more? May be just one thing: At 110 mph not a third of the carbon dioxide of a Toyota Corolla Diesel. It is high time to change perception. Be prepared for fundamental changes of mobility paradigms. Be prepared for the Acabion.
Italian design by Acabion Maranello, British racing and engine competence, German automotive expertise by Acabion Stuttgart, solid US dragster and racing components in a hightech Hamamatsu originating engine, Swiss manufacturing precision by Acabion Lucerne, Kaizen and lean production expertise by MIKOVA Systems Lucerne, Formula-1 and avionic production standards, three years to build one vehicle in our Lucerne plant. Total GTBO production volume 2007 to 2011 is limited to 26 vehicles.

A specific power above 1500 hp/ton guarantees topspeeds way above 600 km/h (governor limit 550 km/h for road use ) and accelerations of 200 to 300 km/h in less than 5 seconds. Despite of that rocketlike dynamic potential ten times less polution and waste of ressources compared to standard super sportscars are made sure: Bionic consequence and engineering geniosity like Leonardo Da Vinci inspired make it possible. Acabion fuel consumption: 2,5 l/100 km ECE-norm.
Type: Two-Seater, convertible, trunk capacity 50 gallons, bodywork and frame carbon-fibre honeycomb, main engine: Acabion Hamamatsu based dragster block, racing turbocharged with double intercooler, double injection, power: 550 hp or 700 hp (customer-choice), full dragster technology such as increased power with each gear, gearbox 6-speed-sequential with electric shift, two swiss MAXON electric engines for lowspeed operation. Racing versions of the Acabion are on their way. "

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