Friday, November 23, 2007

Film: Tron.

Light cycles are fictional vehicles designed by Syd Mead for the Disney film Tron. These futuristic two-wheeled vehicles resemble motorcycles and create walls of colored light.

The vehicles were primarily used in a competition between humanoid computer programs, similar to an old computer game sometimes known as "Surround" or "Dominos". The players are in constant motion on a playfield, creating a wall behind them as they move. If a player hits a wall either by accident or by having no more room to move, he is out of the game, and the last player wins.
In 1981 Tomy released the red and yellow toy Light Cycle for the Tron action figure line. Power was supplied by a rip-type toothed cord that spun the rear this day there is still one of these jammed under my mothers china cabinate, just past anyones reach.
Medicom Toy has released this cute Lightcycle..complete light path trail it leaves behind- ¥3,800 from
For the purest collector you can get this striking resin scale model...
If your not content to get your fingers sticky with a model, or rummaging through e-bay for that perfect condition toy- try having a go at the cheeky Tron flash game. Or better yet get involved the Code Ninja's real world/real time bicycle GPS version of the games Real world Tron Lightcycle racers

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