Friday, November 23, 2007

The worlds smallest and most perfect Sport Montesa.

Thanks to the The Kneeslider for the tip on this great piece.

This 1/5 scale (about 8"High) 1963 Impalia 175 cc Sport Montesa from Fine Art Models and looks for all the world like the real thing was somehow magically miniaturized and placed on a stand. This is a perfect miniature version of the real bike. Naturally these models like this aren’t cheap (any of Fine Art Models can go from $16,000 for a locomotive to $4500.00 for a BMW R75 Military Motorcycle) and the price for this little gem has yet to be determined.

Just how accurate are these models?..lets hear what Fine Art Models has to say about it:
" Our models are 100% scale and no detail found on the original item is omitted on our models; no plastic used in our models. Our models are made entirely of stainless steel, brass and nickel silver, If wood was used on the real piece, then we use real wood (not photo-etched brass made and painted to look like wood); The glass in our windows is real glass."

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