Friday, May 9, 2008

Anime: Blassreiter.

Gerd Frentzen A famed motorcycle racer with white hair. Due to a Demoniac attack, he was rendered paralyzed from the waist down. After taking a special drug he regains the use of his legs and acquires the ability to turn into a Blassreiter.

"Blassreiter (ブラスレイター Burasureitaa?) is a 2008 Japanese anime from the animation studio GONZO and the multimedia studio Nitro+. The title literally means "Pale Rider". 

A must-have: the Blassreiter Cycle model (above and below) available from Megahouse, due out in Sept.

The complete first episode (link)

The story is set in Germany and centers around the outbreak of biomechanical creatures named "Demoniacs", who rise from corpses and attack people mindlessly. The Demoniacs have the ability to merge with most technology including cars and motorcycles. Against them is a group of people who can transform into similar biomechanical creatures and maintain their sanity. They bear motorcycles and high-tech weaponry to combat the outbreak."

external link Blassreiter official site

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Hey, thanks for the link to here from
I've just discovered this anime myself and, though it does have its faults, am enjoying it.