Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Cerva MC08,

Via trendhunter

"The Cerva MC08 is an oval-shaped concept transport vehicle designed to be used as a car, a motorcycle, a jet plane and a submarine. It was designed by a very creative team consisting of designers Michal Cerva, Jiri Bicik, Jana Kunstova, Marketa Schindlerova, and Jan Zof,

As stated, this ambitious project is just at its conceptual stages but you have to admire the vision and the boldness of this team of inventors.

(The Cerva MC08) can be combined with variety of extensions like three wheel axles can be fixed to use it on road. If you are an ultimate thrill seeker and you wish to have an experience that you never forget, then this transportation is designed for you. It can carry load of one or two people at a time. Its middle wheel slips forward if you need stableness in case of speed and in slow speed the stableness is established by gyroscopes hidden in the axle. It is the first and foremost vehicle with such as adventure"

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