Saturday, May 17, 2008

Music: Salad - Motorbike To Heaven.

(link Lyrics here)

"Salad was a UK-based pop music group that included Dutch vocalist/keyboardist Marijne van der Vlugt, bassist Pete Brown, drummer Rob Wakeman (ex-Colenso Parade), and guitarist Paul Kennedy. In 1996, Charley Stone (later of Gay Dad) joined the band as a live guitarist, keyboard player and backing vocalist. Thanks to van der Vlugt's amiable, joyous stage presence (along with her notoriety as a video jockey for MTV Europe), Salad gained a reputation as an energetic power pop band comparable to other bouncy outfits like Sleeper and Elastica. They started performing as The Merry Babes but changed to Salad in 1992 when Pete Brown was recruited on bass. Salad released two full length albums, namely 1995's Drink Me and 1997's Ice Cream as well as an 11-track compilation of their first three singles titled Singles Bar before being dropped by Island Records and ultimately disbanding in 1998"

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