Thursday, May 8, 2008

"Square Against Air" Branko Lukic's nUCLEUS.

branko Lukic is founder and partner of NONOBJECT, California based design studio.
NONOBJECT is focused on creating new and surprising design experiences for wide spectrum of industries: from consumer products, furniture, high technology, interior design, alternative fuel transportation to branding and user interaction experiences.

"We believe that a new breed of alternative fuel vehicles deserves a new level of experience. Why must motorcycles mimic each others DNA. Why motorcycles mirror ferocious animals from the wild? Are we capable of doing it differently? With this in mind, and the desire to seek out inspiration elsewhere, nUCLEUS presented itself as the ideal, albeit uncommon, solution, away from the beaten path. It’s a motorcycle built on the antagonistic principle of “square against air”. And yet, despite its unique appearance and apparent opposition to aerodynamic design, nUCLEUS ended up being surprisingly nimble. The square side-view hides the fact that these pieces of metal are simply blades from the front – fierce blades that cut through air. nUCLEUS also boasts a thin comfortable saddle and horse-like behavior system - a new way to connect with your vehicle: it gets up on its hind legs (in action) and rests down squarely (while locked, at rest). nUCLEUS is an concept in development demonstrating what’s possible when the motivating idea is to push an entire product category to an uncharted territory. If you are interested in investing or supporting this project feel free to contact us at info[at]nonobject[dot]com. There is a lot more to it. Do not copy, be inspired."

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