Monday, May 26, 2008

Whitehouse's Ryūjin and The Skullman.

Always one to come up with something interesting, Japan's Whitehouse created the Ryūjin. Based on the Honda Valkyrie, the 1500 cc bike made its debut as costumed antihero The Skullman's choice of transport in the 2007 live action short film.

The story closely focuses on a journalist name Hayato Mikogami who returns to his hometown at Otomo to investigate strange rumors of killings done by a man wearing a skull mask. Tailed tightly by a young photographer, Kiriko Mamiya, the two soon uncover the many strings of connections between the victims, a local pharmaceutical company, a mysterious new religious sect and strange half human, half animal creatures which roam the night streets out for blood.

The Ryūjin remains a one-off for now. But rumors from whitehouse show that a small batch of the sinister bike may be created for a select few.

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