Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shine on...

Via: Grinding

"Glowsticks become sad pretty rapidly when after 15 minutes on the hardcore dancefloor they turn a murky yellow. But that’s about to change, with GlowPaint’s newest product - a non-toxic inexpensive light source that they claim lasts for 15 years.

The Litrospheres are not effected by heat or cold, and are 5,000-pound crush resistant. They can be injection molded or added to paint. The fill rate of Litroenergy micro particles in plastic injection molding material or paint is about 20%. The constant light gives off no U.V. rays, and can be designed to emit almost any color of light desired.

As TeaDream says, “this stuff needs to be tested for biocompatibility and safety then made into tattoo ink immediately."

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