Friday, May 16, 2008

ebay: John Holt's Road Shark

Via ottonero
"This hand fabricated motorcycle dubbed the "Road Shark." This is an incredible, one of a kind, hand made motorcycle from amazing metal artisan, John Holt. Completed in 2007 it only has a few test miles.

John Holt is a self taught metal bending artist who owns a shop in Boone County Illinois. Ten years ago Holt designed and built suits of armor that were sold at Sotheby's auction house in New York City. Holt is also well known for his previously built Skeleton Bike.

The body is made from 6061 aluminum - Frame is made from one inch tubing - Motor is a 725 CC 27HP Kohler - 5 speed Revtech trans - Old school style dry clutch - Springer horizontal front end - Fat boy wheels and Harley hand controls.

Body panels are hand formed 6061 on a 1" steel tube frame. Front forks are steel and stainless and are painted with an aluminum auto acrylic. All used parts have been cleaned repainted or resurfaced. The body is protected with a product called REJECTS. It's like a wax but bonds to the metal. Seem to work very well, no fingerprint or oxidation on the alum in almost 8 months. It has been in Barnetts magazine and a few others. Under the seat are the electrical box and a place for storage. The frame is coated with truck bed liner."

ebay: item number: 220230658339 (buy it now for $27,750.00)

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