Friday, September 26, 2008

Comic villians: Gunmetal Gray.


"Gunmetal Gray was sitting at a bar table, contemplating on taking a job, when a drunk Johnny Blaze interrupted his conversation in order to hire him to kill his demon alter-ego, the Ghost Rider. Blaze added that he wanted Ghost Rider dead no matter how, how much, and no matter what, and Gray agreed to take the job. While Ghost Rider was pursuing a couple of drug dealers, Gunmetal rode up next to him and blew a hole in his gas tank. The resulting explosion threw Ghost Rider from his bike, and Gray was able to use his shotgun to blast Ghost Rider’s head to bits from point blank range

It is said that Gunmetal is the best motorcycle rider and best shooter on the road and his bike is modified to attain greater speeds because it was able to ride alongside Ghost Rider's mystical bike without difficulty"

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Anonymous said...

WHOA!!! I never knew about this character. I like the bio so far and hope to hear more.