Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When is a motorcycle not a motorcycle? The TECA Microvehicle.

"TECA is a 'Microvehicle' concept aimed at improving the safety, convenience and efficiency of two-wheeled travel. The Aerodynamic shape should give performance improvements of around 35% and save fuel as well! The structure is a 'monocoque' (ie. the structural frame is on the outside) made from carbon fibre composite and honeycomb. It is light in weight and very strong. The outside structure will protect the occupant even when the bike is sliding down the road on its side.

Why do 45% of people in London travel to work in a car and only 1% use a motorbike?
Why are there no light weight efficient ‘micro-vehicles’ on the market today?
Why can’t lightweight efficient transport be safe as well?

Today’s problems of fuel shortages and environmental pollution issues are apparent to us all. Cars are, of course, a major contributor to global emissions and often a very inefficient way of using our limited fossil fuels, the technology needed to improve fuel efficiency and provide safe and enjoyable transport is already available.

The key to increasing the efficiency of a vehicle is to reduce the weight and improve the aerodynamics. With the use of modern composites, TECA provides a safe, comfortable and fun vehicle that goes faster and costs less to run. It also maintains the key benefits offered by two wheels such as beating the traffic-jams and parking."

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