Friday, September 19, 2008

Miroslav Miljevic's Cycle Sol.

Via: the design blog

"The Cycle Sol is a concept that aims to revolutionize the general derided and strenuous opinion of commuting on cycles.

I understand that commuting via a bicycle leaves zero carbon footprint, but pedaling a two-wheeler to longer destinations or all day through can take a toll on your body. As all of us aren’t as physically fit nor does our diet include healthy, energizing food like the participants of Tour de France. So for the present day commuters, Miroslav Miljevic has conceptualized a solar powered bicycle. Dubbed as Cycle Sol, this chic and green vehicle will lure all the folks who toy with the idea of cycling but steer clear of implementing it due to sheer absence of stylish user-friendly options. A perfect fusion of electric bike and pedal powered cycle, the Sol come fitted with a roof that not only protects the user from the harshness of the sun but also optimizes the sun’s energy to juice up the vehicle.

The solar powered battery renders an effort-free pedal ride while its aerodynamic form adds on to its ability to speed. Even the ergonomic sitting position provides a comfortable commuting all through. Though green at heart, it sports a vibrant yellow shade on its exterior."

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