Friday, November 23, 2007

Gone but not forgotten: The Crampton P3 Classic Cafe.

Via: Triumphrat

Little is know about Ian Crampton's Limited batch of Cafe Racers based on the Triumph Speed Triple, but here's what the lads at Triumphrat forum could piece together:
"Crampton P3 "Classic" Prototype

A working prototype for an exclusive, limited edition, hand-built motorcycle
made in England using British parts wherever possible,
combining traditional appearance and craftsmanship with modern performance levels.

Provisional specification as follows:

Engine: 3 cylinder 955cc 12 valve DOHC with electronic fuel injection, supplied by Triumph Motorcycles. Tuning to customer specification. A fully working prototype, not a design concept. After testing and development, a batch of twenty replicas will be made.
Other notations were that the actual fuel tank is under the seat; the tank-looking is a cover for the engine's air box. Sadly there is no Website for the Crampton and it has seemed to be lost and no word has been mentioned of it since 2004..

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DWJ said...

15.07.2009. The one and only Crampton is now registerd and on the the road. It is very sad that the intended production will not take place. This unique machine takes number one place in small collection of mainly Italian bikes near Wareham in Dorset UK. Regularly used and enjoyed with no complaints whatsoever. In short, a dream to own!