Saturday, September 20, 2008

The best toy ever? G.I. Joe's R.A.M.

Via: GIJoe wiki:
"The R.A.M. is a G.I. Joe vehicle from the A Real American Hero series. If ever there was a G.I. Joe land vehicle that could be appreciated for its inherent simplicity, it would have to be the R.A.M. From all appearances, it aspires to be no more than a motorcycle until you notice the Gatling gun mounted on its side. And in the hands of a capable G.I. Joe driver, a truly dangerous weapon.

The R.A.M.'s motorcycle unit has a weight of 390 lbs. while the gun pod takes a whopping 870 lbs. full load. The 1000cc twin cam engine with "turbo fuel injector" enables it to reach speeds up to 95mph on full load and a range of 450 miles. Not to be outdone by the unknown, the driver is provided with a electronic radar unit built in to the front chassis. The 20mm Gatling gun is a Vulcan series provided with 1,200 rounds of ammunition.

The RAM [Rapid Fire Motorcycle] was first released boxed in U.S. toy stores in 1982. The toy was also sold in 1983 and was discontinued in 1984, and then brought back for the 25th Anniversary of G.I. Joe.

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Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh the good ol' days. That was my favorite toy back then. In fact out of all the joe toys I had that was the one I enjoyed the most.