Monday, December 10, 2007

Freestyle designer: Simone LeAmon.

From freestyledesign:
"It is wonderfully difficult to define Simone LeAmon’s (b.1971) practice. She is an artist, designer, craftsperson, performer, curator, publicist, businesswoman and teacher, as each project or idea demands. LeAmon has designed or developed design proposals for projects as varied as jewellery, graphics, lighting, public art and even a women’s motorcycle racing suit.

LeAmon completed a degree in fine arts in 1993, majoring in sculpture, from the Victorian College of Arts. Since then her work has increasingly engaged with notions of function, consumption and desire, leading her to complete a masters degree in industrial design in 2004. Exhibitions and performances remain important vehicles for LeAmon in her pursuit of unorthodox design methodologies. In the work shown here, LeAmon is exploring the relationship between lifestyle products and general human emotions such as desire, comfort, disappointment and love."
Here's Simon's amazing womens motorcycle racing leathers design

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