Monday, December 24, 2007

The return of the Delphin...

Son Heinz and the shadow of his fathers past
With its large tail fin, it reminds you of an enormous fish. The 3.70-meter long, 1.10-meter high Delphin III is no ordinary bike. Fifty years ago the legendary motorcycle racer Wilhelm Herz caused a furor on just such a remarkable machine. Riding his NSU Delphin on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA, he broke both the 300 km/h and 200 mph barriers and set an absolute world record for motorcycles.

In memory of his father’s heart-stopping exploit, his son Heinz has now had an exact reproduction of the record-breaking vehicle built according to the original NSU plans. “Without the help of sponsors and friends, the project would have been impossible”, says Heinz Herz.

In honor of his late father, Heinz Herz intends to go for a demonstration ride “on this dinosaur” at the original Salt Flats venue during Speed Week. “I want to pay tribute once more to my father’s historical sporting achievement, which took place there 50 years ago.

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