Sunday, December 2, 2007

This looks like a job for...

"Suddenly, a nerve-shattering crash tears into the deadly silence, and through the very wall of the room itself! Making his entrance as only the SHIELD ramrod can...The indestructible Nick Fury appears like a Human Cyclone!" Via: Chris Invincible super-blog -Art by Jim Steranko.

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Anonymous said...

Jumping through the air, on a motorcycle, shirtless, firing his way through the floor, while showered in debris, without scratching the paint, without a scratch, firing a machine pistol at Scorpio, while shooting to his blind side, while shooting his way through the ceiling, while popping a wheelie, with no hands on the bars, standing up, while on one foot, propelled by jets, while propelled by rockets, while dismounting, while avoiding the after burners, while avoiding the side exhausts, middle aged, in shape, graying hair, with one eye, while enjoying a blunt.
You might as well just lie down.