Monday, December 31, 2007

The International School of Design BMW/IMME 1200 concept.

From Bikes in the Fast Lane:
"French motorcycle magazine, Moto Revue, reports on two students from the ISD (International School of Design) in Valenciennes, France that are in a very advanced stage of a prototype motorcycle based on BMW's R1200 engine. The project is named IMME 1200 (named after the now defunct German motorcycle manufacturer IMME), and is so interesting that BMW have taken an active interest.

The modular sportsbike will weigh 155 kilos, and have 150 horses in the 1200 cc flat twin of. Nicolas Dubar and Yves Dufeutrelle are currently finishing the prototype with help from the German manufacturer. It is their intention to display the motorcycle at the upcoming Intermot, world's biggest motorcycle show at Cologne, Germany. You'll be able to see this motorcycle at the BMW stand.

What's really nice of this motorcycle, apart from a very high tech and sleek design, is that with one tool (the engine contact key) you can remove all "road" parts (license plate, lights, mirrors etc) of the motorcycle for when you plan to run your bike on a circuit.

So for the price of one motorcycle, you get two...

Nicolas and Yves are still looking for further partners for this project. I'd love to see the concept motorcycle when it appears at the Intermot show."

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