Thursday, December 6, 2007

Philippe Starck's Voxan Cafe Racer.

"Designer Philippe Starck has struck once again. A famous lover of motorcycles he has already has created one production bike before with the Aprilia 6.5 Motò. Here he comes again with a minimalist concept for the Voxan factory.

In 1996, with the production of the Aprilia 6.5 Motò, Starck showed that he could do more. Very futuristic and essentially minimal designed bike that we can define as a modern scrambler or Cafe Racer-a look he particularly likes-as he owns several Kawasaki W650's.

This year, working for french manufacturer Voxan, he made a modern CAFE RACER as a prototype. A simple bike, two wheels, a fuel tank, a seat, and a big engine. A concept who keep his quest to the essential design. The engine is aimed to be a 1200cc, the bike claimed a 180Kg weight and a power of 140 Hp.

But to be called Cafe Racer a bike must be brutal and made for solitary motorcyclists. This one is totally on the line, and is featured with a small seat featuring an tiny integrated brakelight."

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