Tuesday, December 11, 2007

High Concept: The Aprilia Lama Prototype.

From an interview in Motorycle daily with Aprilia's Alberto Cappella:
"In my living room at home I have an Aprilia Lama scooter prototype. It is one of only two in existence. The other Lama is at the Noale factory. It gives me a good memory of times in the past. 15 years ago I was spending 3 months at Philip Stark's house by the sea. We had the job to design 8 different concept models and make mock-ups and clay models. We had absolutely free hands to do scooters, motorcycles or anything. We would have a swim in between, and then come back to work. We also consumed a lot of beer and champagne during the creative process. The clay models were stored in Stark's fishing house and the 6.5 Moto was the result."

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