Saturday, December 15, 2007

San Francisco opens the first motorcycle workshop for women.

Happy girl photo from urban Moto

From sf.metblogs:

Now the time to register for Lisa Duke's superlative motorcycle workshop -- that is, if you're a girl. This is the CCSF's first-ever motorcycle workshop for women, where 13 female students get a hands-on sampling of the motorcycle program offered at CCSF. Lisa Duke already has quite a following for her get-your-hands-dirty workshops where students take apart motorcyles and fix problems on their own bikes; this is a great way to learn tune-ups, troubleshooting, systems overviews and to work with other students solving different bike problems (or just watch). There are a lot of kick-ass female bike mechanics in town, like Werkstatt owner and mechanic Jennifer Bromme, superbike maven and owner of Mission Motorcycles Wendy Epstein and Lisa Duke. But on a recent trip to a mechanic's convention, Duke would up being the only woman in a room full of 200 men... and thus the idea for this workshop was hatched!

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