Friday, December 28, 2007

The Game art of Stephen Jameson.

Quad-Wheel Motorcycle
Via: Stephen Jameson
"In our world game world "Damnation"(a steam-punk fantasy western that was released as a mod for Unreal Tournament in 2004), almost all horses have died in the ongoing civil war, and the mounts of choice have become steam powered motorcycles and other such mechanical conveyances. This bike has four wheels, and does not turn the way a regular motorcycle does, but instead scissors its wheels up and down, causing it to lean into turns. Just as with the robotic Automan, an asset such as this has a great danger of appearing too modern, or even futuristic, when the intent is to make it seem just the opposite. The shapes and metal choices played a key role in accomplishing this, as well as the Native American touches."

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