Monday, December 17, 2007

A Thoroughly Modern Brough Superior-The Banquer Superior.

At last a Harley we can get our head around-the Banquer Superior

Via the Kneeslider:
"Gwen Banquer has had a lot of motorcycles but a few years ago he decided to build a modern version of one of the most highly sought after classics, the Brough Superior. The result is the Banquer Superior.

The Banquer Superior started with a photo of a Brough Superior SS100. He bought a frame from Milwaukee Iron, a Harley Davidson 1340 Evo motor, a RevTech 5 speed transmission and a springer front end from Paughco. He modified the springer pieces to look like the original Brough Superior’s Castle forks. He had to fabricate the tank and very distinctive Brough style exhaust. Banquer number 2 uses a RevTech 100 cubic inch engine as does number 3. It looks like he’s done a pretty nice job of capturing the Brough Superior look.
Gwen will build one on a custom order basis, which gives you a bit of leeway in the details. Price is in the high 30k range depending on specific options. If you’re looking for vintage style with modern components and reliability, this might be for you.

Gwen can be contacted for orders at: Gwen Banquer. There is also one dealer with a Banquer available: Velocity Vintage"

All fine and good but what would T.E. Lawrence think?

1 comment: said...

Magnificent looking replica. Beautiful job. Please post a video of it running on YouTube so we can hear it running. Where can I buy one? Probably going g to be a little expensive for me. Well done anyhow.....