Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Jet Boy.

Little is known in the U.S. about Shonen Jet (The Jet Boy). We know he comes from Japan, and is one of the first original "Tokusatsu" ("live action science fiction" t.v. hero) to be aired. The definitive website for all things heroic in Japan is japanhero. A few images are available from their impressive and rich site- but all are the same as the one above. Tedious Googling has found nothing else-with the exception of a small indie rock band with the same name.
I'm always searching more and more about this brave little hero-its a tiny personal quest of mine. But I do know this: a crimefighting boy, his a loyal German Shepard, a Honda 50 scooter, and with the love of justice on their side....together they could take the world by storm.

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