Monday, January 7, 2008

The art of Nemo Gould.

Via: nemomatic via IO9
"Ever since I was a kid I have always loved old scooters. However I have never really wanted the responsibility of maintaining a "vintage" machine. I always thought to myself, "why can't we have the convenience and reliability of modern engineering like a Honda with the class and styling of an old Lambretta?"

Recently it occurred to me that as an adult, I actually have the skills and facilities to address this important issue that has nagged me all these years. This project began with a very tired looking 1980’s Honda Elite 125 scooter and my usual arsenal of aluminum scrap objects. In this case street lamp, and vacuum cleaner parts make up the majority of it.

For those curious about the process, I have posted a step-by-step essay of this piece over at Instructables. You can also dig around the archives in my blog for additional images.

The dash board panel actually still has a little way to go yet. In weeks to come I hope to have a working nixie tube speedometer
The little cars are supposed to represent my “kills” like an old bomber plane.

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