Monday, January 7, 2008

The industrial designs of Machineart.

"The eCycle Hybrid concept is a gas electric bike series with an innovative assymetrical chassis and swingarm front suspension. Machineart's three designs demonstrate the beauty of the core platform and its flexibility for building multiple variations. Concept ec3 is a commuter that adds wind protection and an integrated tail rack and side cases to the core platform. The upper assembly is cantilevered off of the monocoque structure containing the electronics and motors"
"The MK9 sport GT concept is built to showcase how design can transform a standard model into one that is exciting, desirable, and brand distinguishing. Winner of an IDEA Gold Award from the Industrial Designers Society of America, it combines style and performance with comforts like a roomy seat and a relaxed riding position. The MK9 is a running prototype built in-house."
"The Machineart mF3 body is designed to transform the appearance of a 1994~96 Honda CBR600 F3 at less than half the cost of stock replacement body parts. The belly pan and rear fender connect visually and a space revealing more of the engine separates it from the upper half of the body. Manufactured by Airtech in fiberglass, the design gives new life to these older models. The body bolts on utilizing the stock seat, tank, windshield, mirrors, and lights."
"Ducati has been placing its high per- formance motorcycles in films for years - nothing sounds or looks better in a high speed chase. For the premier of Blade II, starring Wesley Snipes, Machineart painted black and applied a wind streaked blood paint"

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