Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bart van den Bogaard's Zess (zero emission scooter) concept.

From core77:

"Design for APFCT of two proposed Fuel Cell Scooters. APFCT is an American company that develops fuel-cell systems. For this I was project leader, responsible for design, frame engineering, model building and assembly, This was all done in Holland These scooters are designed build from ground-up to two working and usable prototypes."

..and from APFCT's site:

The APFCT 3rd generation scooter ZES III was begun in December 2001 and completed in July 2002. ZES III is a totally new integrated fuel cell/chassis scooter designed from grounds-up. Its modern European styling compliments its advanced fuel cell engine technology. Performance of ZES III was tested at 58 kph speed and 120 km driving range using 4 MH hydrogen storage canisters"

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