Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Mahjqa leegonai's Lego Akira bike.

From mocpages.com

"As styling and technique goes it's inspired by Kaneda's bike from the movie "Akira", however, it has some definite differences and improvements. I've included a version that's styled to look like Kaneda's bike, but not a 100% replica.

More than a toy: Mahjqa put a lot of serious thought into the chassis design.

The steering is actuated with the joystick in the middle, which steers the front wheel. The two 8-tooth gears are there to make sure that when you steer to the right, you actually go to the right. It was quite hard to come up with a way to make the steering work with the suspension, but this works like a charm. it uses a flex axle which slides through the hole of the #1 angle connector as the front suspension is bumped.

The Akira bike is outfitted with those nifty glow-in-the-dark disks, which happen to look exactly like the dsks on Kaneda's bike. The rear lights and the background are photoshopped, but the disks aren't."

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