Friday, January 11, 2008

Game on: No more heroes.


"No More Heroes: The lead character of the Wii based game, Travis Touchdown, is going to stir up some trouble rather than fill the typical hero role. Travis, a hardcore geek, wins an Internet auction for a powerful beam katana, which he uses to boost his career as a hit man. After killing resident cool guy Helter Skelter, he is ranked number 11 by the UAA, the governing body of assassins. Providing him with rank matches is Sylvia Christel, a French-born agent of the UAA.

Travis Touchdown's bike-The "Schpeltiger"

The action takes place in Santa Destroy, a town on the west coast of America. Travis can explore the area freely, either by foot, or on his monster machine called a "Schpeltiger" -- a huge motorcycle resembling something from The Transformers. The town is full of villains who have become distanced from society, and through searching for weapons -- and making money -- Travis tries to protect his own existence in any way possible."

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