Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Canjamoto BMW 1200 Scorpion.

Be afraid-The Canjamoto Scorpion
Via: motorcycling blog

"The Scorpion is a BMW R1200S chassis covered in striking body work by CANJAMOTO - (Canadian Jamaican Motorsports), a Canadian company based in Toronto did a little bodywork and came up with what they call the Scorpion.

It has no gauges, all information is to be provided via a heads up display, though different windscreens will be available depending on intended use. Street and Racing models will be available in 2008, the turbo version is said to produce 160 horsepower at the rear wheel. Weight is 410 pounds.

The goal of CANJAMOTO designer Richard Minott is to create motorcycles that have the presence and feel of exotic cars. Hence the smooth surface over the top of the bike which is intended to reflect the sensation of an exotic cars hood."

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