Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Motorcycles have a Second Life.

From slgames:
"You can imagine my excitement when I discovered that not only can I get a free motorcycle in Second Life. Let me tell you, first, about my bike. Well, truth be told, it isn’t technically a bike at all. It is an Elemental, or more precisely a Meta Elemental Multiform Craft. The Elemental is the brainchild of Kage Seraph who has built a craft that can transform: not only into a motorcycle, but also into a sports coupe, a submarine, a jet, an airship, a helicopter, a speedboat, or a hoverpod. It has all sorts of features (including weapons that will get you banned from many sims), but the best part is that it is free (just go here)."
Its fast, it flies, it safe and its free...

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