Thursday, January 10, 2008

Heather Anderson and the Whispering Lighting.

From Electrifying Times:

"Heather Anderson was born and raised in a small town just north of Toronto, Ontario. The rural setting allowed her access to many different forms of motorized sports during her youth. She has ridden everything from dirt bikes to snowmobiles, her family’s Odyssey being her favorite, that is until this year.
In her spare time from job as a credit processor, Heather enjoys sports, camping, fiddling with her artistic side, and a good horror novel. She also has plans of returning to university.

Watching her brother perform many stunts and trick riding on his motorcycle encouraged the extreme gene in Heather, pushing her craving for the “Need for Speed”. After helping in the pits for 4 years with her boyfriends mid 10’s 1984 Capri RS all motor ICE car, she was wanting a ride of her own.

Then in August of 2003 she was introduced to Raymond Knight of S.V.A. Power Products at the DaSilva Racing Shootout. Raymond had been testing and tuning his 24vt electric ‘87 Ninja, named Whispering Lightning. After laying down some consistent times, he was looking to lighten the bike. Since Raymond weighs in at 260lbs, the easiest answer was to change riders.

The bike’s hard launches scared off the other male riders at the event. Heather happily accepted the offer on the basis that she could test it a few times first. After a month of uncooperative weather, Heather finally made back to the track.

At the age of 22 Heather made her drag racing debut on Oct 11th, 2003 at St. Thomas Drag Way in Ontario, Canada. Her very first run was an impressive 14.095 at 41.74mph. She then backed that up with a 14.099 at 41.86mph. This made her unofficially the fastest 24vt motorcycle in the world.

Later on the Oct. 21st she would run an even faster 13.524 in the 1/8 mile. However the bike was operating with sealed free acid batteries. The batteries did confirm that the low voltage problem on the negative side was definitely battery related. For fun a full run was then done, Heather ran 13.561 in the 1/8, and 23.091 at 48.38mph in the ¼ mile.

With her need for speed not yet fulfilled, Heather dreads the long cold Canada winter, as it stands between her and the 48vt upgraded Whispering Lightning. Her goal is to reach the 100mph barrier by the end of next season. Whether that will be enough to satisfy this brown haired, blue-eyed beauty, only time will tell."

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