Sunday, January 20, 2008

The kings is dead...

The harvest is ready to be sewn-ernte fashion.

Deliver us from "classic" anything, and in peticular motorcycle jackets. Dean, Brando and Fonzie are dead, so lets move on. Warren Ellis's new body manipulation blog (and directly its from contributor mk13a) gives us a glimpse of the future with a link to ernte fashion systems.

Ernte is Evan Sugerman and Tiffa Novoa, with DM Kishi providing visual andgraphical support. Based primarily in Bali, we are a design studio and an in-house production facility with a team of 19 tailors and craftsmen. Originally establishedas a multidisciplinary art unit, EDFP, it was re-imagined in 2003 and metamor-phosed as Ernte, the German word for harvest. To this day, beyond fashion, Ernte remains committed to the production of various works, from theatrical performances to kinetic installations.

No, they are not padded, safety checked, armoured, sold at participating Cycle Gear stores or even tested by the tedious wags at Motorcyclist magazine. Because motorcycles, fashion, art and life should just be kept a just little dangerous...

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