Friday, January 4, 2008

When is Motorcycle not a Motorcycle? The Ergo Trans Concept.

Via: Consultaglobal
"This concept vehicle was conceived by Albert Vicien and myself. A small model was first displayed by Derbi at Barcelona’s automotive show in 1991.

Originally, our intent was to explore the potential of a next-generation urban vehicle thinking of Barcelona’s transportation needs and trends. We were also interested in studying the benefits of designing a bike with a low center of gravity and a dynamic equilibrium system (e.g. maneuvering, stability, comfort, energy consumption) . This had to do with the biker’s laid-back posture as well as with the rebalancing the vehicle when taking turns, instead of turning the wheels only, coupled with what we called “computer aided safety and navigation.

This single-seater was an electrical vehicle. The concept also called for light but robust and recyclable plastic materials. It’s small volume was meant to help improve commuting in Mediterranean cities such as Barcelona."

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